Leverage Clinical Trial Participant Feedback to Boost Performance | ACRP Mention

With the touch of a few computer keys you can tell the world via platforms like Yelp that a vaunted local brew pub’s seasonal draft is flat, a hotel’s beds are lumpy, and the pricey luggage set you just…

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Initiative Aims to Transform Clinical Trial Participants into Advocates | ACRP Mention

The strongest advocates for bringing awareness to new patients about clinical trials just might be hiding in plain sight.

The secret source: the estimated 5 million people who have participated in a clinical trial over the past decade, and the…

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COVID-19 Response

Dear Current and Future Participants,

Facing the COVID-19 pandemic has put us all into uncertain and unprecedented circumstances, however, these times have not changed Circuit’s commitment to the safety and welfare of the participants, physician practices…

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